This is about you. Because you believe in the power of creative expression and are somewhat bored with mainstream design. You are curious and ready to re-discover your beauty in artistic ways. You want an analytical, creative and non-conformist approach to your digital marketing. You need creative work done for a presentation or show of yours. Does that sound like you?

About Me

As a freelance photographer and graphic designer I have worked in a variety of fields. Starting out with dance and theater photography in Germany, I shifted towards portrait photography, book – and graphic design. My analytical and outgoing nature enables me to carefully listen to your needs and translate your vision into visuals.

I am an award winning artist, photographer and designer. I received a diploma in communications design from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund, Germany and a master of fine arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. I grew up in Eastern Europe and have lived in four countries. Currently I go back and forth between New York and Berlin. We can speak in English, German or Hungarian. 

eyetie.design at gmail.com

Creative Approaches

My work with you starts with a free 30 min consultation, wherein I learn as much as you tell me about what you are looking for, whether for your personal or your business growth. The creative process is a conversation between the two of us. When our path separate, I will leave you with results, with which you can carry on taking the next steps.


Photography has many facets and the one I love most is working with natural light. The sun is our largest softbox. It allows for natural outcomes, even if they are staged. I shoot artists, actors and create and curate for small businesses lifestyle shots for social media and marketing into a story.
My sessions are intimate & conversational in nature. Mostly you will not realize that I just took a photo of you or your surrounding. People and situations unfold naturally, the task of a photographer is to not miss the moment with her/his trained eye.

Graphic Design

Within the vast field of graphic design, I excel best in what is called digital design and 2D print. Just like with photography, my approach to graphics is artistic. This means, that you will receive a design that is individually created for you, within the visual language of your field. Whether it is an invitation, a poster, an e-mail blast, or simply your website that needs some content curation. As long as you communicate with me your goals clearly, I can translate those goals into visuals that meet current standards.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“Lisa! I just wanna to say I had such a good time shooting with you. I still feel kinda high of it. It was fun and felt really awesome working with you.” – Ashley T.

“You’re a pleasure to work with, Elisabeth!” – Mark O.

“This is SO beautiful!!! Thank you so much!!! This is seriously STUNNING!!” – Kris H.

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